Sunday, September 13, 2015

iPoint Evolution

I recently purchased a Westcott iPoint Evolution pencil sharpener . I bought it because I have 3 boys in school and when it comes to homework , they are always needing a pencil sharpened ! I am very satisfied with my purchase!
This pencil sharpener is easy to use. It is battery operated ,so its not plugged in constantly using       electricity . It has a list of user friendly features that include : Electric pencil sharpener with Auto      Stop Feature to ensure no over sharpening. Vertical design allows for more usable desk space and a more natural sharpening experience. Proprietary Titanium Bonded Blade technology keeps blades sharper longer. EZ View shavings reservoir allows you to see when the sharpener needs emptying.
   You can buy your very own iPoint Evolution from your local Wal*Mart or Westcotts very own website!

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